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Robotic Bag Handler: A Model of Efficiency

Allowing changeover between paper and poly-woven laminate bags without downtime is but one productivity-enhancing feature of our next-generation robotic bag handler introduced earlier this year. The Model 1800RBH incorporates numerous design advantages that have your bottom line in mind. It comes with a magazine that holds 250 bags so refilling isn’t a constant task. When…

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Automated Industrial Bagging Solutions with No Fuss

Innovation and complexity aren’t necessarily synonymous.  That distinction is one that can be missed easily in terms of product development – especially when automation comes into play.  Successful companies know how to make improvements without necessarily re-inventing the wheel or adding layers of difficulty to something that isn’t broken. “Our equipment is manufactured and designed…

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Next Generation Bag Hanging Technology!

With our innovative and proprietary technology, Hamer-Fischbein continues to offer bagging solutions that bring reliability and efficiency to bagging operations, while significantly increasing production. Easy to operate and easy to maintain, our machines provide a fast return on investment. Bagging Automation Made Simple The Model 1200 BH Bag Hanger is a semi-automatic bag hanger that…

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