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A single source supplier of cost-effective bagging solutions, including scales/fillers, bag closers, automated bagging machines and palletizers.

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Practical Innovation

Practical innovation gives your business the performance required to keep you competitive.  Maximum bagging performance, simple to operate and easy to maintain.

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Profit in the Bag

Effective solutions in bag filling and sealing to increase accuracy, minimize product give-away, and keep bag content sealed tight.

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Who We Are

We design and manufacture bagging equipment and packaging solutions under the Hamer, Fischbein and Hamer-Fischbein brands. These trusted brands combine almost 200 years of industrial bag closing and automated packaging experience to improve packaging line efficiency and profitability.



Our focus on practical design enhancement and robust machine engineering ensures top performance, long machine life and reduced maintenance costs.



Our dedication to conservative management, superior machine performance and immediate technical support are commitments every Hamer-Fischbein customer can count on.



Our industry-leading designs are developed out of consistent investment in engineering resources to improve existing machine designs, add customer required features and develop market-driven products and services.

Machines That Work Hard

Form, Fill & Seal and Open Mouth Bagging machines bring quick automation results to your bagging plant. From soil and mulch, animal feed, agricultural seed, chemicals, and minerals to aggregates, pellet fuels and packaged ice products; Hamer-Fischbein has an automated bagging solution to suit your requirements.


Fischbein brings over 100 years of innovation to this category and over 100 bag closer models.  Plain sew, tape sew, hot air sealers, hot melt, pinch bag closers, pinch inner liners are just a few of the models.  We can close all industrial bags.

Hamer-Fischbein leads the way in robotic palletizing. For almost a decade, we have provided superior robotic palletizing solutions for a wide variety of bagging applications. Hamer-Fischbein is the leading Yaskawa palletizer integrator in North America.


American made, American supported.

We believe keeping Americans working makes America work.  Hamer-Fischbein products are designed, manufactured and supported by our dedicated employees in

Statesville, North Carolina and Plymouth, Minnesota.

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