Palletizing Systems Eliminate Workers’ Comp and other labor related costs

Automatic robotic palletizing systems offer a very cost effective alternative to plant labor for the repetitive task of bag stacking and palletizing. Robotic palletizers are low cost, offer a great return on investment and eliminate direct labor, staffing and employee management needs.

Many of our customers have had difficulty staffing bag stackers and palletizers, and are concerned about the risk of back injury and related costs for workmans’ compensation when they do fill these positions. Robotic bag palletizing systems don’t need to be handled like employees who need supervision, breaks and vacation time. Plus, these systems are the equivalent of 2-3 workers, with Hamer customers seeing a return on investment in a year and a half. Stacking at 18-22 bags per minute, the Robotic Palletizing systems are more efficient than employees and reduce labor costs.