New Hamer Pallet Dispenser Design Keeps it Simple

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Hamer Pallet Dispenser

Hamer recently launched an all new Pallet Dispenser for use with Hamer automated palletizing systems.   The Hamer Pallet Dispenser uses pneumatics to capture pallets on their side boards. This pneumatic grip eliminates the problems inherent with tab style pallet capture.   By using pneumatics we can effectively manage lower grade pallets and reduce jamming and lift failures often seen with other designs.   Pallets are expensive. Being able to use a lower grade pallet keeps your shipping/product costs low.

The Hamer Pallet Dispenser supports a wide range of pallet types and sizes:

  • 2 or 4-way, GMA or CHEP
  • 31 x 31 to 52 x 52 sizes
  • Adjustable side/back guides

Other Features:

  • Straight through or 90 degree orientation
  • 15 pallet storage
  • Fast size changeover

Built tough like all Hamer products, it features 4” structural steel tube frame, ¼” steel bracing, Powder coat finish and 1.5 HP motor driving the lift assembly.  Like all Hamer equipment it’s a simple design, heavily built for years of life in virtually any plant environment.


Check out this machine first-hand, integrated with a Hamer Slip Sheet Dispenser: