Model 2090 beats competition in automated bagging of Mulch/Soil

Model 2090 coupled with a 300VF Volumetric Filler


Hamer-Fischbein leads in total mulch and soils automated bagging production volume and machine up time in the Mulch/Soil bagging industry with its Model 2090 Form, Fill and Seal.   We recently installed a new full line into a customer’s facility where they have 3 automated bagging production lines.   Two of the lines are competitive Form, Fill and Seal and palletizers purchased 6-8 years ago. The new line features our Model 300VF/2090 bagging system..   This system is providing 25% greater daily throughput than competitive lines in side by side testing!

Reap the Benefits

We designed the Model 2090 to do 3 simple things; improve true production volume, reduce operator interaction by eliminating the “man standing” by bagging machines, and reduce maintenance parts and related downtime to maintain bagging machines.    Since it’s launch in 2009, the Model 2090 has proven itself over and over again.   Significant productivity gains, reduction in service parts by over 60%, and reduction in operator time are real results gained with every Model 2090 put into service.

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