Low Cost Robotic Palletizing

Low Cost Robotic Palletizing Solutions

With the introduction of the new RPM BasicTM, Entry Level Robotic Palletizer, Hamer-Fischbein now offers a budget friendly palletizing solution that fits the needs of lower production bagging operations. The Hamer RPM BasicTM features an all new Yaskawa MPL-100—II 5 axis robotic arm capable of palletizing a wide range of bags at rates of up to 18 bags per minute.

This innovative, low cost robotic palletizing system provides a range of benefits including a small footprint that frees up valuable production floor space, and improved workplace safety by reducing heavy lifting and repetitive movement injuries.

Available in semi and fully automatic configurations, a wide variety of options are available: 1 or 2 pallet stack configurations, pallet and slip sheet dispensers, power conveyors, robot mounting base plates/risers, and a selection of industrial end of arm tooling (EOAT).

The RPM BasicTM is the ideal robotic palletizing solution for production plants looking for an affordable robotic alternative to their manual palletizing operations.