Innovative Options in End of Arm Tooling for Robotic Palletizing

Depending on the task or desired output, there are many innovative options in End of Arm Tooling for robotic palletizing.   From adjustable gripper sizes or various sized grippers, to specialized End of Arm Tools (EOATs) that perform additional duties within the palletizing system, SAS Automation in Ohio is providing cutting-edge technology and a wide array of bag palletizing solutions.

In recent months, Hamer developed a robotic palletizing system for a dairy company that produces a bagged dry milk product.   robotic palletizing end of arm tool for palletsThis system utilizes a very unique EOAT that is equipped to handle three separate functions within the palletizing process.   Initially, the special arms expand out to pick up a pallet from the staging area and carry it to the palletizing cell.   Next, the EOAT activates 4 vacuum cups that pick up one slip sheet and position it on top of the pallet.   Lastly, the tool gripper begins to pick up bags from the conveyor system and build the pallet configuration.   This multi-function tool is not only cost saving, as it eliminates the need to purchase a separate pallet or slip sheet dispenser, but it also is a smart small footprint solution for customers with limited space capacity in their plant.

robotic palletizing end of arm tool for slip sheetsIn order to meet bag per minute customer goals, Hamer engineers also specify the use of smaller EOATs that still meet bag weight requirements. This lighter gripper option allows the robot arm to pick, transfer and place the bag at a faster rate.   Depending on the bag size and weight, this may be an option to maximize bag per minute rates.

Another area of innovation is in vacuum technology. EOATs that utilize vacuum placement palletize single containers and even complete pallet layers.   In bag palletizing operations, conveyors can guide and position several bags together and then are picked up together by the vacuum place EOAT and delivered to the pallet in one unit, thus greatly increasing the bag per minute handling.

Contact Hamer Sales to learn how these innovation options in End of Arm Tooling can help deliver targeted bag per minute production rates or even allow for space and cost saving alternatives in your palletizing operation.