The Importance of Genuine Hamer-Fischbein Parts

You wouldn’t put a no-name part in your car.  Why trust your packaging equipment to strangers? Nobody services Hamer-Fischbein packaging equipment as well as the Hamer-Fischbein technical service team, and nothing keeps your packaging throughput and efficiency at its peak like genuine Hamer-Fischbein parts.

Genuine Hamer-Fischbein Parts

Non genuine parts may look like the real thing but most are poorly produced using sub-standard materials and have not been tested as integral components of your equipment.

The cost of recurring labor for replacing these inferior parts can also quickly consume your maintenance budget. For the lowest cost of ownership, replacement parts should meet optimum design and material specifications established by the equipment manufacturer. Service life, reliability, and safety are all compromised when parts from third party companies are used in production machinery.

Genuine Hamer-Fischbein parts are rigorously tested by our quality control department to meet high performance and safety standards that help ensure your packaging equipment will operate efficiently and reliably, and achieve the longest possible service life.

For the lowest cost of ownership, use genuine, qualified, original equipment parts.

We Do More Than Just Fix Equipment

Technical Service

We do more than just fix equipment. We provide solutions. Turnkey service and support available from our skilled professionals include:

To learn more about our comprehensive Hamer-Fischbein service program and genuine Hamer-Fischbein parts, and to find out how they can save you money, call 1.800.927.4674 and ask to speak with a factory service technician. Or, email our service team at