Hamer Introduces Model 100GW Gross Weigh Bagging Scale

The all new Model 100GW gross weigh bagging scale offers next generation technology to hand bagging plants. Featuring a unique dual load cell design, it’s much more accurate than older designs. Accuracy means less product give away and more bagging profit…it’s as simple as that. It’s also faster than most digital gross weigh scales, offering speeds up to 16 bags per minute. It has all the features common to gross weigh scale and several new innovations. One of which is the “see through” window on the bag clamp. This allows the operator to know when the bag is properly placed, instead of guessing. Build of carbon steel and powder coated its designed for a long life in demanding plants. High quality valves and cylinders will keep maintenance to a minimum. It’s perfect for free flowing products like gains, feed, seed, fertilizer, dry sand and many others. Priced competitively, the 100GW offers the best value in hand bagging today.