Next Generation Bagging Equipment reduces costs by up to 60%

Hamer’s newest line of industrial bagging equipment, including our Model 300VF Volumetric Filler, Model 600NW Net Weigh Scale and Models 2090 and 3100 Industrial Form, Fill and Seal automated bagging machines have been designed from the ground up to lower labor and maintenance costs by demonstrating:

  • Longer run times on components
  • Less maintenance and fewer replacement parts needed
  • Less operator interaction
  • More uptime than any other industrial products made today

All Hamer machine designs are based off of our 20 years of customer experiences in hundreds of installations and applications.   Machine designs feature more durable motors and drives, heat-treated or AR (abrasion resistant) wear parts, updated 24 VDC electronic controls and a reduction in operator adjustments and interaction to reduce total cost of machine operation.   In recent studies over a 3 year period we determined wear parts consumption on Model 600NW Net weigh scales, Model 300VF Volumetric Filler and Models 2090/3100 are over 60% lower than competitive equipment.   This means more uptime for your plant, easier operator training and significantly reduced year-to-year operating costs!