Across all applications, from simple to sophisticated, our customer focus is on success

No matter if it’s running a Hamer Model 500 hot air sealer, ring bag closer or a fully automated packaging line our focus is on making every customer  successful in their use of Hamer equipment.  All of our employees have years of practical applications and service experience with all of our equipment.   Average length of employment for Hamer-Fischbein technical employees is over 15 years.   They’ve experienced thousands of different applications and put this expertise to work for you.

Customers Make Our Best Referral

With thousands of customers world-wide we often have existing customers review their experiences with potential new customers.   At Hamer-Fischbein we believe our customer relationships really begin at machine installation and start up.  Of course we are in the business of building and selling equipment, but where customer relationships really develop is after equipment is in use.   All Hamer and Fischbein equipment is designed and manufactured for long life in a wide variety of plant environments.  What sets Hamer-Fischbein apart is our continued focus in our customers’ success 5 years, 10 years or 20 years after their equipment purchase.   The commitment we show to ensuring long term success keeps Hamer-Fischbein customers coming back year after year.