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Milk Powders Bag Sealers – Integrity Seal. Integrity Product.

When it comes to packaging powdered dairy products, the integrity of the bag seal is vital to ensure quality, safety, and shelf life. Milk powders are prone to oxidation owing to their hygroscopicity and fat content, therefore it’s critical that milk powders be packaged and sealed to prevent contact from moisture. Available in mild, and…

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Ingredients on the Rise? Hermetic Sift Proof Seals.

Bag sealing solutions for ingredients – As consumer demand grows, ingredient suppliers across the country depend more than ever on their packaging equipment. Our bag sealers produce hermetic, sift-proof seals to help guarantee product integrity, and maximize profit. As an industry leader in bag closing technology, our customer base penetrates deep into production plants across…

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High-Volume Pinch Bag Closing

For high volume pinch bag closing, operating at speeds up to 150 linear feet per minute, Hamer-Fischbein’s cost-effective PBC 8000 Pinch Bag Closer is the automation solution, specifically engineered for high-volume bagging operations that use automated twin bagging systems. Designed for pre-glued, multi-wall, pinch-style paper bags, the versatile PBC 8000 pinch bag closer delivers a…

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Bagging Commercial or Industrial Fertilizer?

Summer is the time when agricultural and turf care industries stock up on fertilizer for the following year’s crop. Whether you’re bagging fertilizer for retail or commercial applications, the B2600 continuous band sealer will generate the best return on your investment. A continuous band sealer specifically designed for heavy duty applications requiring poly and foil…

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Pet Food Bagging Industry Gets Growth Boost

The market for Pet Food continues to grow – according to a new survey by the American Pet Products Association (APPA). This presents excellent opportunities for the pet food bagging industry segment using open mouth bags, as dry pet food remains the largest segment of the market. Both dry dog food and cat food sit…

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