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Pinch Bag Closers are a smart choice for Animal Feed or Feed Additives

Are you currently using valve bags or sewing in your bagging operation of Animal Feed or Feed Additives? Do you experience any product leakage from the valve or the stitch?  If so, consider an open mouth pinch style bag combined with the Fischbein® PBC 6000, a Pinch Bag Closer that creates a sift-proof seal. To…

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Are you a small operator looking to increase bagging automation in your business?

At Hamer-Fischbein, we get inquiries several times a week via our website about how we might be able to help a small operator increase bagging automation and productivity in their bagging operation.     Many of these operators are currently manually bagging their products, which are mainly seed, animal feed, minerals, fertilizers, chemicals and grains.   For a…

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