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Pet Food Bagging Industry Gets Growth Boost

The market for Pet Food continues to grow – according to a new survey by the American Pet Products Association (APPA). This presents excellent opportunities for the pet food bagging industry segment using open mouth bags, as dry pet food remains the largest segment of the market. Both dry dog food and cat food sit…

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Automated Bagging Operations and Real World Solutions

Automated bagging operation is nothing new. Going back into the mid 1980s and earlier, manufacturers began offering technologies to customers packaging their products in bags.  Hamer-Fischbein got their start in automated bagging when they introduced horizontal form, fill and seal to the packaged ice market in 1982. Since then there have been many manufacturers entering…

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Maximize your Aggregate, Coal, and Chemical Packaging Process with Extreme Duty Model 3100 FFS

The Hamer-Fischbein Model 3100 FFS represents the most durable design in extreme-duty, large format, industrial horizontal form fill and seal machines.  Built specifically for harsh plant environments, the 3100 FFS is the perfect solution for a range of abrasive and corrosive applications including aggregates like sand and concrete, minerals like coal, and chemicals like fertilizers.…

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Next Generation Bagging Automation for the Seed Industry

Bagging automation perfectly suited for the seed and grain industries, Hamer-Fischbein’s Model 1800 RBH Robotic Bag Hanger brings all new design, versatility and simplicity to open mouth bagging operations. We built upon the success of our Model 1200 BH semi-automated bag hanger and integrated a Yaskawa MH12 6-axis robot to transfer the bag after filling, into…

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Hamer Bag Conveyors: Durability and reliability at low cost

Looking for the perfect solution to handle, turn, and condition bags in your seed, animal feed, fertilizer, lawn & garden, or wood pellet bagging operation?  Hamer has a complete line of bag conveyors to fully outfit your plant.  Made of heavy gauge steel and reliable motors, our conveyors, when compared to the competition, are more…

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