Marth Wood Products


Marth Companies in Marathon, Wisconsin was looking to upgrade their wood pellet bagging operation. They were running a first generation Hamer Model 2040 with another manufacturer’s duplex scale that was struggling to keep up with their new bag palletizing system. Looking to improve both bagging speed and dosing accuracy Marth returned to Hamer-Fischbein for new technology options to improve performance.

“We had updated our Pestigo Wisconsin plant about 2 years ago with a new Hamer-Fischbein Form, Fill and Seal and Hamer’s new Model 600NW net weigh scale. This system has performed very well; dosing speed and accuracy were much improved over the previous scale,” said Mike Oleck, Peshtigo Plant Manager. In their Marathon Plant Marth Companies decided to install Hamer’s 600NW simplex scale. The new simplex scale ran at rates over 20 bags per minute while maintaining accuracy.

“Using a simplex met our production requirements and saved Marth Companies over $10,000.00 from the cost of a duplex scale. Throughout our updates at both of our plants Hamer-Fischbein service and support has been good.” TJ Morice, V.P. Marketing and Operations

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