Pellet Fuels Bagging

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Unparalleled filling speed and accuracy.

The Hamer Model 600NW+ Net Weigh Scale technology brings the best bagging speed and accuracy available on the market today for pellet fuel bagging machine needs. The precise dosing and long scale life make this a wise investment while achieving high speeds and production throughput.

Grilling Pellet Bagging

Keeping you running and profitable.

The Hamer-Fischbein Model 2090 Industrial Form, Fill, and Seal machine is a perfect automated bagging solution for the wood pellet industry.  Our pellet fuel bagging machine achieves speeds of 30+ bags per minute.  Lower production costs with less operator interaction. Fewer wear parts mean less maintenance and potential downtime.

Everything in Bagging Equipment™

Our first packaging system in the pellet fuel industry was installed in 1994.  Today three-fourths of the pellet fuels industry rely on Hamer-Fischbein to meet their packaging requirements. Recent innovations in Hamer's Model 600NW+ Net Weigh Scale allow for fast, accurate low cost dosing of pellet fuels. Product give away is reduced and capital outlay for dosing is cut in half. Automated bagging speeds have also been increased over the past few years due to the Hamer-Fischbein Model 2090 Automated Form, Fill and Seal machine.  Now bagging rates in the 30+ bag per minute range are a reality.