Medical Device Sealers

Our medical device heat sealers offer effective and economical bagging solutions for sterile medical device packaging. Our industrial sealers are known throughout the industry for their durability, compact design, and innovative features. These medical device sealers are easily integrated into semi or fully automated bagging lines for continuous hygienic operation with minimal maintenance.

Medical Device Packaging

Quality Is Critical with Medical Supplies

For medical and pharmaceutical producers considering bagging equipment, quality is critical. As consumer demand grows for medical products, our medical device baggers produce sterile, esthetic seals that guarantee product integrity. Our machines combine the latest in bag sealing technology with versatility in bag sizes and options.


Everything in Bagging Equipment™

For more than 100 years, we’ve been providing innovative packaging solutions for our customers’ business needs. Today, we are proud to offer 9 Hot Air Sealer and Band Sealer automated machines ideal for sterile medical and pharmaceutical packaging. The medical industry encompasses a wide range of products, bag types, and operational requirements. Medical bag sealers must be reliable, efficient, and sterile. We strive to meet these unique needs with our proven technology, agility, responsiveness, and reach. Our stainless-steel continuous band sealers offer reliable, esthetic seals on bags or pouches made from polyethylene, polylaminates, co-extrusions, and shrink films. All of our top-of-the-line heat sealing systems allow for fast operating speeds, increased productivity, and efficient heat transfer for a variety of bag types and sizes, including polyethylene, pillow type, and gusseted bags. For high-speed, high-quality, sterile bag sealing, we provide all the equipment solutions needed to support your medical and pharmaceutical packaging needs.