Kitty Litter
Oil Absorbents
Diatomaceous Earth

Accurate weighing. More Profit in the Bag™

The Hamer 600NW+ Net Weigh Scale technology brings the best absorbent bagging machine speed and accuracy available on the market today. The precise dosing and long scale life make this a wise investment to control your product costs. How much product are you giving away?

Oil Absorbent Bagging

Reliable bag seals. Stop the dust and fines.

From plain sew, tape sew, pinch bag closing to hot air sealing, Hamer-Fischbein has the best bag closing solution for your absorbent bagging machine products. Proper bag seals are a critical process to prevent product damage or loss after the product leaves your facility. Count on Fischbein branded sealers for your bag closing needs.

Model 3100ex FFS
1200 BH Open Mouth Bagger
Robotic Palletizers

Everything in Bagging Equipment™

With more installed systems in absorbents than any other packaging manufacturer, Hamer-Fischbein engineers have designed our equipment to meet the challenges of this industry. Proper bag seals are critical and with Hamer-Fischbein proprietary bag top seal innovations, absorbent products where dust or fines are present are reliably sealed. Built in flexibility allows for running of multiple bag sizes with minimal change over time. Bag sizes ranging from 5lbs to 50lbs can be supported by a single machine. Cutting edge weight based dosing equipment keeps product give-away to a minimum and increases bagging line speeds.