Packaging Solutions

Performance, speed, reliability, and maintenance reduction are all a direct result of our extensive experience.  We live for industrial packaging solutions and don’t dilute our focus over dozens of product lines.  From our initial launch of the Hamer Ring Bag Closer in 1927 and the Fischbein Portable Bag Closer in 1946, to today’s cutting edge automated systems, Hamer and Fischbein machines and systems bring the best engineered industrial packaging solutions to your industry.

From kitty litter to diatomaceous earth, our equipment is engineered to meet the challenges in this industry. Proper bag seals are critical and our proprietary bag top seal innovations ensure products are reliably sealed.

Durability is critical for packaging aggregates like limestone and concrete mix. All components in our Form, Fill & Seal machines are designed to tolerate sand, rock and other abrasive materials day in and day out.

From sweet feeds, pre-mixes, to feed additives - offer a complete equipment solution for this industry.   Highly accurate bag filling and sealing can minimize product give-way and increase profitability.

The packaged chemicals industry encompasses a wide range of products, bag types and operational needs.  Our packaging equipment is designed to meet speed, change over, corrosive, and other specific requirements of the chemical industry.

Managing powders and fine contents is important in bagging applications for food.  Whether it be spices, sugar, nuts, baking mixes or certain vegetables. Hamer-Fischbein has a filling, automated bagging and palletizing solution to suit your needs.

Hamer-Fischbein Form, Fill & Seal machines and Volumetric Filler are a dynamic equipment pairing for the Lawn & Garden bagging industry.   Easy to run, high durability and fewer wear parts means less maintenance and downtime for your business.

Earth's naturally ocurring minerals like Salt, Sulfur and Potash can be corrosive to bagging equipment. Hamer-Fischbein builds durable, corrosion-resistant solutions in bagging scales and Form, Fill & Seal to keep you running day in and day out.

Hamer has been dedicated to the ice industry for over 40 years. We offers industry-leading technology in Form, Fill & Seal machines with built in volumetric fillers as well as simple to run, semi- or fully automatic robotic palletizers.

Achieve more bags per minute hands down with our highly accurate and fast Net Weigh Scales and uncontested Form, Fill & Seal technologies. Keep up with this production pace with a Hamer Robotic Palletizer to maximize palletizing efficiencies.

Improve all aspects of pet food packaging, from high accuracy, high speed servo driven net weigh scales which reduce product giveaway, to efficient automated Form, Fill & Seal machines for consistent productivity and throughput.

We offer a full range of bag weighing, handling and closing solutions for dry, free-flowing agricultural seed products including grain, rice, corn, beans, lentils, sugars and specialty seed products.