Robotic Palletizing Solutions Bring Reliability and Consistency to Packaged Ice Automation

More than thirty years ago, automatic solutions for palletizing bags emerged as new technology. Early machines were large motor and air driven, running at rates of 15-30 bags per minute. The downside was maintenance. Operators were often spending $20,000-$40,000 annually to keep machines running at peak performance.

Enter robotic bag palletizing technologies in the early 2000s. These systems reduced operational footprint, lowered capital expenses, and significant reduced annual maintenance costs. They were easy to run, and offered high-speed operation.

The Hamer Ice Palletizer is the result of over 14 years of experience specifying and designing robotic palletizing systems in a wide variety of industries and applications.  Our engineers have put their extensive palletizing background to work developing a true high speed robotic ice palletizing solution.

Designed to meet the needs of each individual plant, speeds of 40+ BPM are met with our unique End of Arm Tool which uses a single large format suction device to securely caption each bag.

Robotics solutions are the best answer to long-term ice plant productivity.