Robot Palletizers for Soil, Compost and Rock Bagging Lines

Robot Palletizer

Robot Palletizer for Soil

Robot Palletizers are proving to be an outstanding low cost solution for Soil, Compost and Rock bagging automation. In the past 2-3 years, the number of Hamer customers choosing our Robotic Palletizing Module over traditional palletizers or hand stacking continues to grow.  A variety of soils and landscape materials are more effectively handled with robot palletizers, which are a preferred choice for automation.  Small footprint and much lower maintenance than traditional mechanical palletizers, they offer a much lower cost, leading to faster return on investment. Robotic palletizers also reduce risk of back injury due to hand stacking, and keep product lines running at consistent rates day in and day out.

Two configurations are available:

  • Semi-Automatic Palletizing with dual cells where 2 pallets are set on 2 floor locations. Once pallet 1 is complete, robot moves to pallet 2 to continue stacking and a fork truck removes the first full pallet and places another empty pallet. When pallet 2 is complete, robot automatically shifts back to pallet 1 and the process repeats.
  • Fully-Automatic Palletizers, where pallet and slip sheet dispensers feed pallets into the robot palletizing area, and full pallet transfer conveyors automatically transfer full loads into integrated wrapping or stretch hooding equipment.Hamer RPM Robot Bag Palletizer

Demonstrating outstanding throughput, low maintenance and fast return on investment, robotic palletizing solutions for Lawn and Garden production are the best way to add immediate value to your process.

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