Pinch Bag Closers are a smart choice for Animal Feed or Feed Additives

Are you currently using valve bags or sewing in your bagging operation of Animal Feed or Feed Additives? Do you experience any product leakage from the valve or the stitch?  If so, consider an open mouth pinch style bag combined with the Fischbein® PBC 6000, a Pinch Bag Closer that creates a sift-proof seal. To create this high quality seal, an air knife first cleans the seal area, then a creaser wheel and spiral folder work together to form a precise bag fold. The PBC 6000’s direct drive system, energy efficient direct heat manifold and cogged compression belt provides reliable sealing on manual or automated lines up to 35 bags per minute (with 16” wide bags). We designed this machine to be easily accessed for maintenance and cleaning, which means that it can be done more frequently, and prevent costly downtime.

If your pinch bags have a poly or foil liner, we can seal that too with our PILS 300 bag closer.  The PILS 300 sealer is a smart choice if you have hygroscopic products that absorb moisture from the air.


Read more about these bag closers on our website or give us a call at 704-871-1159 to further discuss your bag closing needs or questions.