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Accurate weighing. More Profit in the Bag

Improve all aspects of pet food packaging with the proper pet food packaging system. From high accuracy, high-speed servo-driven net weighs scales which reduce product giveaway, to efficient semi and fully automatic open-mouth bagging machines to maximize bagging line productivity.

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Pet Food Packaging

Superior bag closure and seal integrity.

You can count on over 100 years of Fischbein bag closing experience to find the most effective bag sealing technology for your operation.  From plain sew, tape sew, to hot air sealing, continuous band sealers, pinch inner liners and pinch bag closers; Hamer-Fischbein has the best solution for your application.

Everything in Bagging Equipment™

Pet food, pet treats, and pet snack packaging cover a wide array of package types and styles, with the same concern for freshness, shelf life, and product branding. Innovation in package type has driven the industry over the past decade, with more changes yet to come. Bag size, bag material, re-closeable features, in-bag handles, production efficiency, and pet food packaging system cost all come under consideration during packaging analysis. Hamer-Fischbein offers a wide variety of  equipment solutions to improve all aspects of pet food packaging. From high accuracy, high speed servo driven net weigh scales which reduce product giveaway to efficient bag sealers, and automated form, fill and seal machines for consistent productivity and throughput, Hamer-Fischbein provides all equipment required to support your pet food packaging requirements.