Packaged Ice Robotic Palletizing. Simple, small footprint.

Hamer-Fischbein has recently expanded its robotic palletizing expertise to the Packaged Ice Industry, implementing several successful palletizing projects for ice producers, packaging ice in 7 to 40 lb. bags. We can achieve rates of up to 40 bags per minute with the 7-10 lb. bags, or 20 bpm with a 30 lb. bag.

Hamer Robotic Palletizers are low cost, with minimal investment and significant operational efficiency gains. Our leadership of robotic palletizing solutions comes in part due to our exclusive operator control or HMI – EasyPic™.  This simple operator HMI allows for easy operator adjustment to pre-programmed pallet configurations or to add/adjust pallet stack as needed during operation. No more working with confusing, multi-key teach pendants.   For effective transfer and stacking, a unique multi-bag vacuum style pic lifts them with suction and stacks 1 to 5 bags at a time, depending on bag size and pallet configuration.

Consult with the experts at Hamer-Fischbein to design a Semi or Fully-Automatic system to meet your plant specifications.   From Form, Fill & Seal automation-to bag conveying-to the perfect pallet, Hamer-Fischbein is the single source for your ice packaging requirements.  Contact us today.