All new bag top seal design – Form, Fill and Seal for Ice

Heat sealing bags is nothing new. Previous Hamer-Fischbein automated bagging machine designs incorporated a variety of heat seal technologies. In designing the Model 390 Form, Fill and Seal for Ice Packaging, our goal was to provide an all new level of high speed heat seal integrity. We selected proven impulse seal technology. Impulse sealers heat and cool in microseconds, eliminating heat buildup. They are forgiving for film and room temperature variations, and are very repeatable.

From the heavy duty side seal to its new bag top seal and volumetric filler, the Model 390 Form, Fill and Seal is designed to meet high speed production, day in and out. The Model 390 seals and trims the bag top at the same time, while running at a fast speed of 50+ bags per minute, with trim contained on a trim take-up wheel that is easily changed during routine film changes.  All components are created for long life, long wear, and less operator interaction. The Model 390 reduces service parts consumption and association downtime by over 50% from previous designs. An all new frame design minimizes potential locations for standing water or product and can be easily cleaned.

With its speed, durability, fill accuracy and automation readiness, the Model 390 brings your ice plant into 21st century automation.