Mylar Film Competes with Polywoven Laminate and Allows for Form, Fill and Seal Bagging

To broaden our applications in the Form, Fill and Seal, Hamer is now partnering with Trinity Films, located in Armonk, NY, to supply a Mylar-like film for packaging grains, seed and pet food. Grains and seeds are typically hand bagged with a polywoven laminate bag.  Using this new film customers get the benefits of a highly durable mylar film plus the labor savings of form, fill and seal automation.

The tri-extruded film has a nylon interlayer to make it more durable than the polywoven laminate bag.  It has a high tensile strength and is a barrier to infestation, chemicals, moisture, light, gas and aromas.  It also works perfect with heat sealing and has excellent performance on the horizontal form, fill and seal. This makes it a perfect bag for long-term grain, seed and pet food storage since the products will last in any environment. For more information on how Mylar film can be used in your plant, please contact Hamer directly.