Consistent, Full-Line Mulch Bagging Solutions

Mulch Bagging and Palletizing


Most people wouldn’t likely regard mulch as a huge seller in the lawn and garden market. But America spends an estimated $1 billion annually on what is basically waste material to spread or lay over the surface of soil as a covering. And why not splurge, given that mulch can cost as little as $2 for a bag weighing 30 to 40 pounds?

At that price, the baggers providing the mulch to wholesalers and retail stores better have a pretty efficient operation in order to turn a profit. Which is why so many mulch suppliers turn to Hamer-Fischbein for their bagging equipment.

Our full line of machines for bagging mulch, soil, peat and the like affords the most consistent production. You’ll be pleased with the process and the cost when using Hamer-Fischbein as your equipment manufacturer.

Tell Robots to Do the Heavy Lifting

Robotic Palletizing for Full Line Mulch BaggingRobotic palletizers have become a boom to bagging operations. They need very little maintenance while running dependably day in and day out. Hamer-Fischbein has partnered with Yaskawa to produce robots offering a mean time between failure of greater than 17,000 hours; that’s about two years of nonstop operation.

Robots work fast too, placing a typical 40-pound soil or compost bag at a rate of 22-24 per minute. For a typical 2 cubic foot mulch bag, expect rates of 17-18 bags per minute. Pallets stacked no higher than 70 inches can provide even faster rates.

When Hamer-Fischbein launched our partnership with Yaskawa more than a dozen years ago, we set out to offer the significant benefit of robotics while also making palletizing systems easy to run. The centerpiece of that idea is our EasyPicTM computer program, featuring a touch screen that makes learning and using the palletizer a breeze.

We offer broad experience in the lawn and garden industry and know the demands you face every day. Your pallets will stay tall and straight as a testament to the experience we’ve gained!

One Versatile Machine that Handles Any Feeds and Fills

Volumetric Filler for Full Line Mulch BaggingThe wide variety of mulch types creates numerous challenges for fast, accurate feeding and bag filling. This has led many equipment manufacturers to build different volumetric baggers for various applications. But the Hamer-Fischbein Model 300VF can handle them all–one machine, but many kinds of lawn and garden products.

No matter if you’re bagging mulch in the form of shredded bark, wood chips, shredded rubber tires or any other material such as grass clippings, you’ll get accurate, repeatable dosing. The Model 300VF‘s unique leveling wheel that makes the managing of feeding and bagging easy. Separate VFD drivers control the leveling wheel and feed belt, so that you can set rates for your product and your product alone.

Improving Uptime and Production Throughout

What makes a machine run longer and faster? That’s easy, reducing operator interaction. The Hamer-Fischbein Model 2090 HFFS does just that, bringing Horizontal Form, Fill and Seal packaging up to 34 bags per minute. From the new belt path to bag size changes, the operator has far less work to keep this machine making you money. The exclusive double- sealed, self-cleaning pulley design requires no adjustments and keeps contaminants away from the belt path bearings.

Form Fill Seal for Mulch

The Model 2090 is designed to support a wide variety of bag sizes with minimal hardware changes. Bag change times are only a third of what was required for previous HFFS and vertical FFS machines. We’re talking less than twenty minutes now. The Model 2090 HFFS is an ideal solution for mulch and soil bagging. It’s secondary settling device, located in the stage bag area, reduces bag jams and ensures high productivity.

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