Model 600NW Servo Gravity Net Weigh Bagging Scale: Accuracy, Speed, Reliability

Model 600NW Duplex Servo Gravity Bagging Scale

Model 600NW Duplex Servo Gravity Bagging Scale

Is it time to consider a new scale purchase in your operation? Often overlooked, the bagging scale is fundamental in setting the bagging line’s pace and maximizing your profitability by reducing product give-away. The Model 600NW Servo Gravity scale is Hamer’s “Cadillac of Bagging Scales”.   Gravity-fed and motor-driven, this scale consistently delivers the most accurate fill rates available on the market today. The servo motors increase speed and replace the use of pneumatics (compressed air) in the scale, thus providing the highest level of reliability.

This scale is ideal for customers bagging several products with varying bulk densities.   Easy programming through the HMI Control allows the operator to simply make adjustments to set the scale to different bulk densities and fill rates. All of this is done remotely through the HMI control without having to climb up and access the scale doors.

Hamer customers in very remote regions of the world rely on the durability, consistency and accuracy that the Model 600NW Servo Gravity scale delivers.  It is the perfect tool for dosing industrial chemicals and minerals such as fertilizer, phosphates, and salt/ice melt.  The stainless steel version of this scale stands up to the rigors of demanding, corrosive products.

Now is time to take a closer look at this very important process in your packaging operation.   Talk to Hamer, the leader in bagging scale technology, and learn how we can fill your bags with the most accuracy and reliability available.

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