Low Cost, Small Footprint Robotic Palletizing for Ice Bagging Industry

Hamer RPM Robot Bag Palletizer

Hamer RPM Robot Bag Palletizer

Looking for robotic palletizing for ice bagging operation but concerned about space in your plant and its cost implications?

Hamer established its 30+ year leader position in the Packaged Ice industry with Form, Fill & Seal ice bagging machines, such as the Model 540 or Model 310.   We are now taking this automation expertise and applying it to very cost effective, robot palletizing solutions with our Hamer RPM – Robot Palletizing Module.

We are seeing that more and more ice bagging plants are considering robot palletizers over hand-stacking in order to capture cost savings and maximize palletizing output in their plants.   For a low cost investment, customers gain many operational efficiencies including a reduction in number of palletizing workers needed, reduced workforce liability and increased ability to hit production output goals.   The Hamer RPM is compact and has a small footprint that can be set up and customized to almost any corner of your plant.   The Yaskawa/Motoman robot arm is robust and, compared to other robot models, is specifically designed to be a palletizing workhorse.   This means considerably less downtime due to failure or maintenance issues.

ice palletizingHamer is able to work with you to develop everything from a basic, semi-automatic system to handle high-speed individual bag or bale solutions, to a complex, fully automatic system where you can achieve 40+ bags per minute.     In some of the most complex systems, multi-robot lines can be configured to support 2-3-4-5 or more in feed lines.

Hamer knows the Ice Industry and continues to focus on how to best service its needs through its equipment and solutions to increase bagging and palletizing automation.   We challenge you to revisit your palletizing automation goals and then contact Hamer to learn how we can provide the best low cost solution, all within your plant’s current footprint.