Looking for an e-commerce packaging solution?

One of the challenges of e-commerce packaging is to create packaging that is both durable, and enhances the consumer experience.  The “bag-in-a-box” integrated line from Hamer-Fischbein and Arpac—both members of the Duravant family of operating companies—delivers a multi-format packaging solution.

The line provides right-size packaging that helps lower return rates by preventing shipping damages, increasing brand identification, and improving customer satisfaction with frustration-free packaging. Shipping bagged products like pet food, household and garden supplies, and other larger-format bagged items purchased through e-commerce can be extremely challenging. The bag-in-a-box solution is designed to manage primary and secondary packaging in one system.

“Hamer-Fischbein bagging technology fills and seals the bags, which are then directed onto conveyors for their secondary packaging destination. Those intended for retail shelves are diverted toward a palletizer. Those intended for e-commerce fulfillment are directed to Arpac’s DPM motion wraparound case/tray packer, where they are packed in right-size corrugated packaging. At the end of the line, Hamer-Fischbein’s robotic bag palletizer uses end-of-arm tooling that can simultaneously palletize both retail bags and case-packed bags onto two separate pallet configurations.”  (www.packagingworld.com)

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