Know Your Robotics Supplier

Robotic palletizers continue to gain acceptance in a wide variety of applications in the Soil and Mulch industry. The reasons are pretty simple: smaller footprint, lower cost, and ease of operation. Once installed, industrial grade robotic palletizers need very little maintenance and greatly reduce downtime associated with conventional high level palletizers. With over 300 Lawn and Garden systems running each and every day, Hamer-Fischbein understands the demands of the industry. Our Robotic Palletizers are built to meet these. When looking for robotic solutions, be sure to look at the whole offering, as well as key components.

  • Does the robotic arm manufacturer have a commitment to having technicians and support teams throughout the country?
  • Are the conveyors and pallet dispensers built to hold up to the robust demands of the industry?
  • Does the palletizer manufacturer have the experience, reputation, and commitment to servicing their products? Same day/next day parts and toll free technical support?

For successful implementation of robotics in your plant, all answers should be “yes”.