Industrial Form, Fill and Seal Showdown: HFFS vs VFFS

Horizontal Form, Fill & Seal Bagging Machine

Horizontal form, fill and seal (HFFS) technology was developed as a high speed alternative to vertical form, fill and seal(VFFS) machines. .  Customers determined in the early 1990s that while VFFS machines performed well in high speed food and small package (10l lb and under) applications, their basic design and operating principles did not lend them to effective bagging and longevity in industrial bagging applications. The VFFS machine did not meet reliability requirements.

Since its introduction in 1994, horizontal form, fill and seal technology has replaced hundreds of poor performing FFS machines. The success of HFFS technology is based on three primary design differences.

  • HFFS machines crease a bag away from the fill opening, eliminating interaction of product to the bag forming process
  • HFFS machines run large bags 30%+ faster than VFFS machines
  • HFFS machines have fewer critical moving parts in the fill area, improving up time and longevity with dirty, dusty, and corrosive products

Form Fill Seal HFFS vs. VFFS