High Quality. Timely Delivery.

Hamer-Fischbein’s product lead times are designed to deliver a high-quality product quickly.  In fact, many of the company’s machines can be delivered in four to six weeks as a standard order fulfillment time – a testament to its commitment to quality and service.

“We work hard to maintain this availability regardless of order volume to meet our customers’ requirements for securing products as quickly as possible,” says Hamer-Fischbein President, Dan Brown. “When a decision is made to add a packaging machine, our customers are often under timeline requirements to fulfill a contract. And if specific dates are required, we’ll do our best to manage manufacturing to ensure we can meet those customer requirements as well,” he notes.

All Hamer-Fischbein products are tested thoroughly as components, sub-assemblies, and finished machines.  When a product leaves the plant, Hamer-Fischbein makes sure it has been documented and approved for quality testing.

“Fast manufacturing, innovate value-added designs, and stringent quality assurance, this is the Hamer-Fischbein ethic,” Brown says.

Of course, if there are any problems or defects with the equipment, support is just a phone call away.  Hamer-Fischbein technical support professionals have a unique combination of machine building and field service responsibilities. This means whenever a customer calls for technical support, he or she is connected immediately to an experience technician, how not only knows the company’s machine designs but also understands extensive real world application in a manufacturing plant.

While the company isn’t one to spend much time doing a lot of self promoting, its business philosophy, like its products, is simple: “Basically our job is to take care of our customers. If the bagging plant is down, and the customer needs a part, we need to be able to get him or her the equipment right away,” Brown says. To that end, he says that Hamer-Fischbein keeps over 15,000 parts in stock for next-day delivery.

“Really, it’s all about taking care of the customer. And I think that is what we are really known for. It’s not just a customer service marketing handle – we truly walk the talk every day and do a good job of really taking care of people,” Brown concludes.

For more information, or to speak with a sales manager: packaging@hamer-fischbein.com.

This article originally appeared in the September 2015 issue of Grain Journal