Hamer now offers a reliable, heavy-duty Slip Sheet Dispenser for automated palletizing systems


Slip Sheet Dispenser

A Slip Sheet Dispenser’s role in an automated palletizing system is to pick up and deliver a slip sheet on top of an empty pallet that is then fed into the robotic stacking area.   A simple job; however it doesn’t always go smoothly.   Competitor Slip Sheet Dispensers are designed with a drive carriage that relies on pneumatics and rod-less cylinders.   This type of dispenser is more typically prone to failures and maintenance issues, requiring bi-weekly adjustments to keep the carriage operating without speed variance.   The main advantage of Hamer Slip Sheet Dispenser is that the carriage uses a timing belt, is motor driven with a 1/3 HP, TEFC motor and utilizes less air consumption. It can consistently deliver 2 sheets per minute.

Another issue common to Slip Sheet Dispensers is that they pick up more than one sheet at a time, increasing your material costs and potentially causing placement errors.   Hamer solves this by installing adjustable brushes along the front of the magazine stack.   In addition, the vacuum of the pick & place cups can also be adjusted on the Hamer model to minimize picking up multiple sheets.

Built with the same durability standards of all Hamer equipment, the Slip Sheet Dispenser features a heavy-duty, powder coated structural tube steel frame and is built to hold up to the rigors of industrial environments.   Compared to other options on the market, it features a lower profile with a more open format that facilitates stack re-loading.   Small footprint also allows it to be easily integrated into an automated palletizing system for numerous applications including: animal feed, seed and grain, chemicals and minerals, ice, concrete, among others.

If you are looking for a durable, low maintenance dispenser to deliver consistent slip sheet placement in your operation, rely on the Hamer Slip Sheet Dispenser to perform and maximize your pallet cycle times.

Slip Sheet Dispenser loading side

Slip Sheet Dispenser loading side