Hamer Model 300Vf reduces downtime from older bagger/filler designs

Using innovative leveling wheel technology and VFD motors, the Model 300VF has effectively eliminated traditional down time issues with old leveling chain style filler/baggers used in the Lawn and Garden industry. Leveling chains have lots of wear parts – sprockets, chains, level flights, that typically require replacement at least once per season, often twice a season. Chains also stretch and cause bag fill accuracy and downtime issues when they jump off of their drive sprockets. By using a leveling wheel build of 1/4″ steel, the 300VF eliminates all the downtime issues associated with leveling devices.

Hamer’s 300VF also allows for adjustment of level height (something chain style baggers don’t offer) for different products and allows operators to control the speed of their feed belt, speed of the leveling wheel and standard product cut off gate independently. This means you get accurate bag fill no mater what product you are bagging, soils, compost, mulches all can be filled quickly and accurately. By eliminating traditional clutch brakes, instead using VFD controlled motors, the 300VF also eliminates the wear and replacement of clutch brake motors, another source of down time.