Hamer Leads Salt Bagging Industry in N. America

For over 15 years Hamer has offered complete turn-key salt bagging systems for a wide variety of applications.  From safety salt to water conditioning salt and ice melter products no one has more experience in the demands of this corrosive and abrasive product.   Hamer understands the unique requirements of this industry and builds equipment that is up to the task of running in a salt plant for 15 or 20 years.   Companies that rely on Hamer equipment include Morton Salt, Cargill Salt, Compass Minerals, International Salt,  American Rock Salt and many, many more.   From simple hand bagging lines with our model 100GW SS gross weigh scale to full automated Model 2090 form, Fill and seal bagging machines with Fanuc robotic palletizers.   Check out our video on You Tube Hamer fully automated bagging system for 50 lb salt bags.