Hamer Leads Sales in Motoman Robotics

Yaskawa Motoman is the global leader in automation products and solutions and is dedicated to delivering high quality, innovative automation solutions that help their customers to be competitive in their industry. Yaskawa Industrial Robots have a global install base of over 270,000 robots, 10 million servos and over 18 million inverter drives.

Hamer is the leading robotic palletizing integrator and packaging strategic partner for Yaskawa robotics in North America. Over the past 3 years Hamer has designed dozens of palletizing systems for various applications, including bagged/packaged Ice, Soil, Aggregates, Fertilizer, Animal Feed, Agricultural Seed and Case palletizing. Whether you’re packaging pails, bags or cases, Hamer has the robotic palletizer to fit your packaging plant. Robotic palletizers reduce labor costs and downtime, increase production numbers and improve your bottom line.

Call 1-800-927-4674 or email packaging@hamer-fischbein.com to receive your free quote on a palletizer system.