Hamer Industrial FFS Bagging Machines Total More Than 500 Units Worldwide

Hamer introduced the industrial formate form, fill and seal machine to North America almost two decades ago.  Always a leader in bagging automation we have built more than 500 industrial form, fill and seal machines since we introduced the category many years ago.   No one has greater experience in the markets we serve.   From Fertilizer to Birdfood and everything in between, Hamer’s Sales, Engineering and Service teams have been in more plants and understand more industrial bagging processes than any other company, world wide.  

All Hamer equipment is designed for long life in industrial plant environments.  From our 2 industrial form, fill and seal machines, our Models 2090 and 3100, to our Model 600NW net weigh scales and robotic palletizing.   When you work with Hamer you knowledge and experience of 500 + form, fill and seal machines comes with every employee contact.