Hamer-Fischbein: Everything in Bagging Equipment™ at the IPPE Show

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Hamer-Fischbein are joining their forces together this year under their newly created company at the International Production & Processing Expo in Atlanta, this January 26-28th.    We will be featuring some of the best technology available in Gross and Net Weigh Bagging Scale equipment for feed and grain, such as our 600NW Belt Feed Scale and our 100GW 600NW Easy Clean Belt Feed Bagging ScaleGross weigh for more manual bagging.   Capture the benefits of full packaging automation with the Inglett 1090 Robotic Bag Pro bagging machine.  The system is designed to allow the customer to transition from a semi-automated to a fully automated packaging line as production and business conditions warrant.

If you are planning on attending this Show, don’t forget to make the Hamer-Fischbein Booth #B7721 a destination stop during your tour.   With over 200 years of combined industrial bagging experience and hundreds of successful installations, we can partner with you to improve your operational efficiencies, reduce labor and add profit to every bag!

Horse, Wild Bird and Animal Feed Bags

Inglett 1090 Robotic Bag Pro Fischbein