Hamer-Fischbein Bagging Technology Leader at GEAPS Exchange!

We are exciting to participate this year in the GEAPS (Grain Elevators and Processing Services) Exchange in Austin, TX during February 28-March 1, 2016. The GEAPS Exchange will feature over a hundred exhibiting companies and is a good place to make connections in the Grain industry, find operator solutions and learn about new technologies and best practices.    At Hamer-Fischbein’s Booth 428, you can learn about the latest in bagging grain and seed utilizing our core product lines:  Bag Filling technology, Automated Bagging, Bag Closing innovations as well as Robotic Palletizing systems.

We are able to offer our guests a discounted rate for Expo-Only registration:

Use the coupon code XHZ689 and go to the following link:  https://www.cteusa.com/geaps/

Want to discuss you packaging requirements before going to the Exchange?

Contact Sales at 800-927-4674