Field Service and Technical Customer Support

PMTS Field Service

Hamer field service technicians have decades of practical packaging machine experience in a wide variety of industries. Put this knowledge to work for ServiceTech2you in your plant and see immediate improvements to your packaging line productivity. Reduced downtime due to wear part failure, reduced operator training and improved pallets per hour will be the result.

Our PMTS program provides Hamer experienced technicians in your plant analyzing, adjusting, maintaining and repairing your equipment. We will diagnose operations or maintenance problems and work with your technical team to install new parts or machine upgrades, while reviewing proper machine settings and recommending a scheduled preventative maintenance program for your plant.

A wide vareity of PMTS programs are available, each tailored to your specific plant requirements.

Toll Free Technical Support

Hamer equipment is designed to allow equipment operators and plant maintenance employees to quickly understand and address any operational issues. If you find you need assistance with your equipment, contact us at 800-927-4674. Our technicians are available for toll free technical support Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 4:00 pm Central time. If you are having difficulty with your equipment, often a short few minute phone conversation can help you isolate the issue and bring quick resolution.

All Hamer technicians not only support field service and equipment commissioning, they also build machines in our factory. We believe this background gives them an understanding of our customers’ operational requirements and our equipment provides a unique benefit to our customers. When you call Hamer for assistance you’ll speak with a technician that has real world practical understanding of both the equipment and operational issues that arise in many plants. This ensures you get knowledgeable support, immediately.

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