Pallet Slip Sheet Dispenser

Pallet Ship Sheet DispenserThumb

The Hamer Slip Sheet Dispenser picks up and delivers a slip sheet on top of an empty pallet for use in an automated palletizing system. The Hamer Slip Sheet Dispenser is built for endurance and reliability. In operation, the dispenser will raise the stack magazine table up after receiving a signal that a pallet is in place. When contact is made with the slip sheet stack, one sheet is picked with suction cups and a motor-driven carriage transports the sheet to the empty pallet. The carriage will then return to the home sensor and wait for the next pallet.

  • Driven carriage motor
  • Vacuum pick & place cups
  • Structural tube steel frame
  • Powder coat finish
  • Bottom table pneumatic lift with flow control
  • Photo-eye sensor to detect sheet presence
  • Capacity: 2 cycles/sheets per minute
  • Handles up to 48"x 48" sheets and up to a 10" stack