Robotic Palletizing Module (RPM)


Robotic Palletizing

Hamer-Fischbein is the leading Motoman palletizer integrator in North America. Motoman robotics offers outstanding service, high quality industrial robot designs and competitive pricing due to their worldwide leadership. The Hamer/Motoman palletizing solutions offer the most durable, highest quality palletizing systems available, while ensuring the best return on your automation investment.

Hamer palletizers feature easy-to-use operator HMI and complete design and build services. Every Hamer palletizer is completely assembled and tested in our Minnesota facility before it is disassembled and shipped to our customers’ facility.

Proprietary EasyPic™ operator control and MaxPic™ pallet configuration

Exclusive to Hamer robotic palletizers, EasyPic™ operator control and MaxPic™ enhanced pallet programming. EasyPic™ allows for fast and easy adjustment to pallet stack, uploading stored pallet configurations or creating new pallet designs. MaxPic™ incorporates Yaskawa Pallet Solver™ and EasyPic™ into one powerful programming, operational and multi-plant data share tool. With MaxPic™ pallet configurations designed on one line or at a single location can be transmitted and shared with all MaxPic™ configured Hamer robotic palletizers. Have 40 SKU’s with 40 different pallet configurations at several locations. Program/set up at one location and file share between plants for automatic upload into any Hamer MaxPic™ system.

Industrial Strength End of Arm Tooling (EOAT)


We offer a wide variety of End of Arm Tools to maximize your robotic palletizer utilization. Fork, Gripper and Vacuum tools, all Hamer EOAT solutions are solidly built, easy to maintain and deliver maximum performance. Single pick and multi-pick solutions are engineered and ready to work in your facility.