Low Cost Robotic Palletizer Module

Soil and Mulch Palletizing

The Hamer RPM MPL-100II Robotic Palletizer is a cost effective means of palletizing loads up to 60" high at rates of up to 20BPM. Bags are fed to the palletizing robot where a bag is picked and placed on a stacking station consisting of a steel pallet rack with sensor to indicate when pallet is in place. Two stacking stations are provided. Once the first station is completed, the palletizing robot automatically begins stacking on the second station.


A wide variety of configurations and system designs are available. A RPM Palletizer System may include:

  • 1 or 2 pallet stack
  • MPL 160II robotic arm
  • DX200 Robot Controller
  • Robot mounting base plate/riser
  • Hamer exclusive EasyPicTM operator software pallet configuration
  • MaxPicTM pallet configuration
  • Industrial design End Of Arm Tooling
  • ANSI/RIA safety guard