1400 BH Open Mouth Bagging Machine (Poly Bags)

1400 Bag Hanger for Open Mouth Poly Bags

The Model 1400BH provides consistent and reliable bag hanging for a variety of pre-made open-mouth poly bags.  Using mostly electronic controls the 1400BH has very low air consumption requirements that will help reduce long term operating costs.  Once the stacks of empty bags have been loaded and indexed into position, the Model 1400 BH stages a single bag to be placed.  The bag is centered, positioned and indexed from bag top ready for grip arms using stainless steel rollers and bag advance mechanism. Grip arms capture the bag, open it and place the bag onto the bag spout. The clamshell style spout positively holds the bag, fills the bag, and releases bag onto a conveyor to be transported to a bag top closing device.

The Model 1400 BH supports fast bag size change and a wide variety of pillow or gusset type polyethylene or polypropylene bags.

  • Up to 18 Bags Per Minute (Based on product/bag).
  • Low compressed air requirements
  • Modular design to fit any plant - right hand/left hand configuration
  • Large 250 bag magazine (bag size dependent)
  • Single bag indexing for reliable filling
  • High wear suction cups for industrial use
  • Missed bag automatic clearing
  • Bag in place sensor; no bag-no dump feature
  • Wire mesh interlocked safety doors
  • Easy to use, color touch screen operator interface
  • Heavy duty clamshell bag clamp
  • Foot switch for manual operation
  • Chain-driven stainless steel rollers for single bag indexing.
  • Stainless steel single bag advance and positioning.
  • Mechanical bag size adjustments.
  • Allen Bradley Compact Logix PLC.
  • Servo controlled bag hang arms.
  • NEMA 12, UL Listed control panel