Pallet Load Stretch Wrapping

Semi-Automatic to Fully Automatic Wrapping

Securing your pallet load for transport is critical to your product delivery process. Hamer-Fischbei offers a wide variety of pallet load stretch wrapping equipment to meet any plant needs. From simple, low cost wrapping machines to fully integrated automatic wrapping systems. High speed systems are available to support up to 60 pallets per hour. Automatic pallet top sheet dispensing can be added to many automatic and semi-automatic wrapping machines. Adjustable film pre-stretch available (model dependent).

  • High speed up to 60 pallets per hour
  • Adjustable film pre-stretch
  • Supports a variety of pallet sizes and heights
  • Wide variety of models and options
  • Low cost simple machines
  • Wulftec and Orion stretch wrapping equipment
  • Fully automatic integrated systems

Orion pallet stretch wrapper

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