Arpac Sidewinder Heavy Duty Stretch Wrapper

Arpac Heavy Duty Stretch Wrapper

The SIDEWINDER® 4 is a heavy-duty semi-automatic stretch wrapper with 4,000 lb. capacity. This model is available with a high profile turntable for forklift loading, and low profile turntable for pallet-jack loading.  The SIDEWINDER® 4 can be customized with extended towers for taller loads, and split frames for odd-sized larger loads. This system is also available with a 30" film carriage and dual turntables for greater throughput, cold and freezer packs for reliable operation in extremely harsh temperatures, and a pneumatic roping device for additional load support. For more efficiency, an Automatic Film Tear Device (AFTD) tears the film automatically at the end of the wrapping cycle.


• Heavy-duty, welded-steel construction (no plastic panels) designed for long life
• Variable turntable speed using 1/2 hp, 90 Vdc motor with ANSI 50 chain drive system
• Up to 12 RPM rotating table can deliver 25–40 loads per hour
• Long range photo eye for automatic load height sensing
• Adjustable top and bottom illuminated LED wrap counters
• Cycle pause feature
• Top film overwrap control feature (TOC)
• Electronic film tension adjustment control on control panel
• Independent up and down film carriage controls with jog up/down switch
• Manual jog control for turntable
• Two available wrap patterns
• Dual chain film carriage lift
• Eco-friendly, durable powder coating