Arpac Patriot I Stretch Wrapper

Patriot Semi Automatic Stretch Wrapper

The Arpac Patriot's lean, no nonsense, feature-rich design makes it the perfect entry level machine. Ideal for low volume production environments. The Patriot can help reduce labor and material costs while improving production efficiencies at the same time. The chain driven turntable and carriage and all steel welded construction make it one of the most durable machines on the market.


• Heavy-duty, welded steel construction (no plastic panels) designed for long life
• Variable turntable speed using 1/2 hp, 90 Vdc motor with ANSI 50 chain drive system
• Up to 12 RPM rotating table can deliver 25–40 loads per hour
• Long-range photo eye for automatic load height sensing
• Top film overwrap control feature (TOC)
• Adjustable top and bottom illuminated LED wrap counters
• Magnetic proximity switches in place of mechanical limit switches
• Cycle pause feature
• Manual jog turntable control
• Eco-friendly, durable powder coating