Model 390 Form Fill & Seal (FFS) Packaged Ice Machine


The Hamer-Fischbein Model 390 Form, Fill and Seal for the packaged ice industry is designed and manufactured to meet the demands of today’s automated ice production facilities. The Model 390 improves machine reliability, bag top seal integrity, speed and cleanliness  standards for Packaged Ice producers. It reduces operator training and machine maintenance, meeting our goal  of true standalone bagging automation. It is an entirely new concept in Packaged Ice bagging automation.

  • 3 lb to 20 lb / 1.4 kg to 10 kg
  • Low level ice detector
  • 50 bags per minute on 5, 7 AND 10 lb / 2-4.5 kg bags
  • 20-30 bags per minute on 20-24 lb / 9-10.8 kg bags
  • Food grade UHMW product hopper
  • Bag top trim and rewind
  • 304 Stainless Steel frame and doors
  • Impulse bag top heat seal
  • LongLife™ pulleys
  • Color operator touch screen
  • Hand held remote control w/15' cord
  • Safety interlocks on all access doors
  • Patented vertical volumetric filler
  • SEW Motors for longer duty cycles
  • AutoAdjust™ volumetric filler for fast fill size changes
  • 304 SS, NEMA 4X 24VDC Panel w/solid state relays
  • Downstream software interlock
  • Metric compliant
  • Pneumatic film core chuck for film level maintenance