Model 200NW+ Net Weigh Scale

Hamer Model 200NW+ Net Weigh Scale

The new Hamer Model 200NW+ offers heavy-duty industrial quality dosing of small weighments.  Able to reliably process weighments of .5 to 28-30 lb in Simplex, Duplex or Quad configurations.  All structural steel or optional stainless steel construction.  Offered in pneumatic or servo controlled gravity feed configurations only.

  • High accuracy weighing:  up to +/- 0.5 oz (15 g) @ 2 sigma
  • High speed operation: up to 30 BPM Servo Gravity Simplex;  up to 26 BPM Gravity Simplex
  • Weighment range approx. .5  to 28-30 lb (0.23kg to 13.6 kg)
  • Heavy gauge steel weigh hopper
  • Reinforced steel weigh hopper doors
  • 4" (10.2 cm) dust collection port(s)
  • TrueweighTM mechanical load dampening
  • Rugged platform style single point load cells
  • Industrial air cylinders, valves and pneumatics
  • Easy access removable scale side panels
  • Easy access removable panels for feeder options
  • High resolution electronic scale indicator with programmable checkweigh, scale status indicators, surge/hopper/silo fill level status, and 100 product storage